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The research focus of IAMSR (as defined in its strategic plan for 2010-15) is on supporting people in expanding the limits of the possible in the structures of everyday life, which is guiding both fundamental and applied research and the development and use of soft computing and intelligent systems technologies. IAMSR builds on research traditions in management science and information systems research.

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The Institute for Advanced Management Systems Research [IAMSR] was founded at Åbo Akademi University in 1992 as an autonomous research institute, i.e. it is integrated in the university department administration but is operating through externally funded research projects. IAMSR has over the years successfully completed 3 projects funded through the EU-IST programs and more than 30 Tekes-funded projects in cooperation with Finnish industrial partners; most of these projects have been acquired in stiff competition. The funding has produced [through 2012] (i) 32 doctoral theses and 14 licentiate theses, and (ii) 292 completed articles in journals and edited books (peer review), (iii) 527 papers in conference proceedings (peer review) and (iv) 58 monographs and edited books. IAMSR builds on a research tradition in management science and information systems and builds on design science for information systems solutions in cooperation with industrial partners.

Soft Computing builds on fuzzy sets theory, fuzzy logic, optimisation, neural nets, evolutionary al-gorithms, macro heuristics and approximate reasoning. Soft Computing is a new and innovative area of research which is focused on the design of intelligent systems to process uncertain, imprecise and incomplete information. Soft Computing methods applied to real-world problems offer more robust, tractable and less costly solutions than those obtained by more conventional mathematical techniques. .


These are the projects that we are currently working with.

  • Data to Intelligence (D2I)
  • BeWell for Young Elderly
  • Mobile Value Services
  • MobiRoad
  • Next Generation Banking (NEXTB)
  • Knowledge Mobilisation


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