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Mobile Commerce

This project was planned to find and identify potential customer groups for fast-growing value added mobile e-commerce.
01 / 2001 - 12 / 2004


- Design, develop and implement mobile e-commerce solutions for selected customer groups

- Test and evaluate systems solutions for integrated production and distribution of m-commerce products and services

- Design and test value added user interfaces and user support systems for mobile e-commerce users

- Find value added services for customer groups and evaluate them; test the service concepts in different potential markets; find and test mobile content quality aspects; revise or redesign services

- “The use of mobile services is considered to be an integral part of third generation mobile telephony (3G). Many 3G networks are being deployed and the mobile industry is expecting 3G services to take off in these days. User adoption of mobile services, however, remains uncertain. Based on our empirical evidence from consumer and expert surveys conducted in Finland, we propose that service adoption is a multi-step process. Consumers are already experimenting with advanced services and the level of experimentation depends on how advanced their mobile phones are. However, the users need more support from service providers and network operators.”

Project members
Pirkko Walden
Christer Carlsson
Ville Harkke
Shengnan Han
Erkki Patokorpi
Anna Sell
Patrica Carlsson
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