Institute for Advanced Management Systems Research

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Institute for Advanced Management Systems Research

IAMSR is a research institute at Åbo Akademi University with the objective to study and develop the theory and applications of knowledge based systems in management. The research is carried out in cooperation with major Finnish companies, normally as several-year research contracts, which makes the research relevant and verifiable as to both the theoretical foundations and the usefulness of the systems technology developed. The institute has research positions for research fellows, visiting scholars and project researchers; in 2006 the personnel included about 40 researchers and research assistants working in several research programs.

IAMSR is a partner of the TUCS Graduate School doctoral program, which has more than 90 doctoral students. The institute is located in the ICT House, which is one of the units in the Turku Science Park - one of the largest technology centres in Finland with more than 300 companies and research institutes, and more than 13,500 people working in these organizations. In total there are more than 25,000 students and 400 professors in the science park area, and some 200 doctoral dissertations are submitted annually.

As part of the research programs IAMSR is carrying out theory-driven and applied research in knowledge based support systems, cognitive maps and hyperknowledge, interdependent mcdm, software agents, approximate reasoning and fuzzy logic, data-mining, self-organizing maps, virtual teamwork, mobile and electronic commerce, scenario work and real options theory. Apart from the work done within research programs, IAMSR has organised mini-tracks, clusters and sessions in international conferences, such as HICSS, EUFIT, EURO, EMCSR and INFORMS. Senior researchers at IAMSR have been invited to write and edit textbooks for Kluwer and Elsevier, are regularly giving plenary lectures at international conferences, and serve on the editorial boards of several international journals.

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