OptionsStrat is a TEKES financed research project that concentrates in application of several methods and analysis

frameworks within the realm of real option valuation into industrial decision-making. This includes application of real

option valuation to portfolio analysis of real assets. The project also uses fuzzy numbers together with real option valuation,

creating new exciting models that are better able to cope with inaccuracy about the future. Fuzzy RO applications are built,

e.g., for real asset portfolio analysis and execution timing.


Research is conducted by a research team from the Institute of Advanced Management Systems Research (IAMSR) at

the Åbo Akademi University, together with the corporate partners. IAMSR has close to ten years of experience in working

with real options and fuzzy logic with a track record of being the first to introduce a fuzzy real option valuation (FROV) model.


The OptionsStrat research team at IAMSR consists of Prof. Dr. Christer Carlsson, Dr. Mikael Collan, Dr. Peter Majlender,

M.Sc. Markku Heikkilä and M.Sc. Jani Kinnunen.


The project represents the most advanced research in fuzzy real option analysis worldwide. 

Corporate partners in the OptionsStrat project are:






The OptionsStrat project will run until the end of the year 2008.