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December 2008

FiDiPro - Professor Robert FullÚr
  Professor Robert FullÚr will join the Institute of Advanced Management Systems Research (IAMSR) through TEKES funded FiDiPro project. Professor FullÚr’s work focuses on research in fuzzy optimization and fuzzy ontology. more...

IAMSR Research Projects
AssessGrid 4/2006 - 12/2008
AssessGrid is a research project funded by the European Commission 6th Framework Programme IST priority. The aim of AssessGrid is to develop and integrate methods for risk assessment and management in all Grids. The AssessGrid project will provide generic, customisable, and interoperable open-source software for risk assessment, risk management, and decision support in Grids.

DISA 01/2008 - 12/2008
This project will focus on designing and constructing a mobile learning platform that enables students to obtain (real-time) study-related information and material as well as to benefit from location-based mobile community services. In addition, research is carried out to discover and define the correct mechanisms leading to positive and value-adding mLearning experiences.

The project is carried out together with University of Trento, Italy.

Knowledge Mobilisation 2006 - 2008

Mobile Value Services 2006 - 2008

MobiRoad 03/2008 - 06/2009
This project will focus on designing and constructing a mobile service/application that enables tourists, travellers and citizens to obtain real-time information about possible ferry queues on the Archipelago Road. The service/application will also give estimation for the time needed for queuing.

OptionsStrat 2006 - 12/2008
OptionsStrat is a TEKES-Funded research project that focuses in creating analysis and valuation tools by applying Real Option Valuation and Fuzzy Logic for specific industrial problems identified by the corporate partners.

Quadruple Helix Central Baltic 10/2009 - 12/2011
Creative connections between the tourism sector and research in the field of mobile technology will be promoted. Entrepreneurs and researchers are involved in testing innovative mobile technology solutions for the tourism sector in the Central Baltic region. Outputs of the projects are for instance test programs for mobile technology solutions for the tourism sector.