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December 2008

FiDiPro - Professor Robert FullÚr
  Professor Robert FullÚr will join the Institute of Advanced Management Systems Research (IAMSR) through TEKES funded FiDiPro project. Professor FullÚr’s work focuses on research in fuzzy optimization and fuzzy ontology. more...


Development of new methods for Real Options analysis and project portfolio management.

In 2004 IAMSR started a research project called OptionsPorts which worked on enhancing and building better tools for handling complex decision problems with real options models. This project was a continuation and extension of the WAENO research program, which ran 1999-2002.

The extensions of the real options modelling which were worked out for the OptionsPorts included the following features: (i) portfolios of R&D projects to be treated as investment options (start new projects, expand on-going projects, abandon projects); find optimal portfolios; (ii) mergers and acquisitions to be handled as dynamic and interdependent options cases; (iii) repositioning and redirection of adaptive production capacity (options) to dynamic and changing market conditions; (iv) optimal reinvestment roadmaps as options-driven dynamic decision trees and (v) optimal multiple criteria investment program compositions. The research program was focused on several industries: fine paper products, plywood and steel products.