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December 2008

FiDiPro - Professor Robert FullÚr
  Professor Robert FullÚr will join the Institute of Advanced Management Systems Research (IAMSR) through TEKES funded FiDiPro project. Professor FullÚr’s work focuses on research in fuzzy optimization and fuzzy ontology. more...


IAMSR has been involved in several major externally funded research projects. These include Countess and Domino (Academy of Finland). The Valentine project was financed by the Ministry of Education. Some Tekes-financed projects are: Waeno, Mobile Commerce, Metal IT, Bullwhip, Smarter, Arvotek, Woodstrat, Enhanced Services for Mobile Actions, SmartBulls, OptionsPorts, Phoenix, Softlogs, OptionsStrat, SmartOpt and Mobile Value Services. IAMSR has also worked with Mobile Service Design and Implementation Enhancements (MobileExtended), a project financed by ICT-Turku. IAMSR was a contractor in the Imagine21 (ESPRIT-28732) project and CHIMER (IST-32695).

Presently running projects are OptionsStrat, SmartOpt, MVS, NIM ┼land, MobitTour, MobiReal, eAgingWell and BelAMI. IAMSR is also involved in the EU-financed AssessGrid project.

As part of the research programs IAMSR is carrying out theory-driven and applied research in a number of areas.

Working priciples:
  • we build theory, conceptual frameworks
  • we carry out interactive research processes
  • we do basic research
  • we carry out large projects and do project management, consulting
  • we do feasibility studies
  • we integrate systems from standard components
  • we publish our results in journals, edited books and at peer reviewed international conferences